Like the changing seasons of nature, many of us experience seasons of financial change during our lifetimes. These seasonal changes may come from new family responsibilities, employment or retirement decisions, educational goals, personal health needs, inheritance, or from numerous life events...planned, or unplanned.

We also experience changing investment seasons; periods when certain types of investment assets may move into or out of favor, times when security valuations or market conditions signal major opportunities or threats, periods when recent market progress or seemingly calm conditions… may actually be masking the storm clouds of another major correction.

We live through cyclical economic seasons as well; periods of general growth and prosperity, periods of relative stability, and periods of economic slowdown and/or recessionary conditions...with increased complexity and volatility in today’s highly interconnected world.

Our success over the last 32 years has taught us that outstanding investment management involves a disciplined, in-depth approach to continually changing economic and market conditions, as well as a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ individual all times. At Harvest, we seek to manage risk and identify profitable and appropriate investment opportunities - in all seasons.

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